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A Loving Wedding, A film by Lights & The Tailor Belles

Laura & Thierry

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"The Devil is in the details"

Each and every individual of Gemfloriculture is well versed with this idiom. Every detail matters, and every work is an art.

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Tanjong Beach Club

yes, absolutely, it was fantastic! Your flowers were beautiful, thank you so much! A lot of guests wanted to take home everything, haha

Laura & Thierry

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Hello Hank, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for doing our car decor! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the centrepiece for the car looks almost exactly the same as my bouquet. Totally exceeded my expectations cos I thought it would just be matching colours! Loved it! 

Louise & Chinyang

I cant thank u enough for being so accommodating to last minute changes and not even once complain on the tiniest detail that we picked up during the set-up. I feel so bad knowing that u had to finish the other venue at 5am & returned back to our event early morning. it was a huge success when I see everyone had fun and lots of photo-taking goes on during the wedding event. Thanks to u & ur team.! 😊-Red Velvet @ Landmark

Iyanti & Umar

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore

Haha hi Hank! It was really nice haha my mother in law likes the flower arch haha. Really thank you so much for your help! 😊

Denis & Clarissa

The Joyden Hall

Whahahah it’s an unforgettable night !! Your roses !! Made all the difference and the event so special and memorable and happy for everybody !!!

Nicole - Jusclean Services

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