HB047 – Mixture Orchid

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A symbol of beauty and spiritual perfection, the stunning orchid is the epitome of rare and delicate splendour, which in Victorian England referenced a beautiful woman. 

The ancient Chinese considered the orchid the essence of human perfection and it was also associated with Spring Festivals, where the orchid was believed to keep evil influences at bay – particularly barrenness. As a result, the Chinese further believed the orchid symbolised procreation, and were promises of fatherhood. 

In the language of flowers, the orchid is the symbol of fervour. Also considered a symbol of love during the Victorian era, it was customary to give a gift of this exotic plant to someone for whom you held great affection. It was also common in Europe – during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries – to use orchids in love potions. 

Popular too in ancient Japan, the orchid was considered a symbol of wealth by royalty, who kept the flowers in their temples, and commissioned them in their painted scrolls. Japanese warriors considered they were being rewarded for their bravery if they came across an orchid, while the Aztecs drank a concoction made with extracts from the vanilla orchid and cacao beans, which they believed enhanced physical strength.