Thierry & Laura - Tanjong Beach Club

Thierry & Laura 22.12.2019

When we first met Thierry & Laura, they were really excited & nervous, despite their wedding being five months away.

They wanted a beach wedding, one that can be romanticized by the setting sun, and framed up over the horizon. Imagine that being captured & immortalized in a photograph.

However, in Singapore's tropical climate, there are a few things to take note of.

  • The risk of rain
    Tanjong Beach Club has an indoor wet weather program that serves as an alternative in the event that this happens. While it's really still a beautiful setting, it mightn't be what you've pictured as THAT dream wedding that you've always wanted.
  •  Public Audience
    Tanjong Beach Club reserves the right to prevent the public from entering the areas that are within their control, however, as the surrounding area is public property, a few individuals who are unaware might wander accidentally into the background, which might cause concern towards the photographer.
  • Footwear
    It's recommended that you wear platforms or sandals instead of heels, as one might find trouble manoeuvring in the sandy terrain. 

As fate would have it, rain really did fall on their wedding day. The Gemflora team had faith and waited it out, as there was still time till the guests arrived. We were ecstatic when it finally let up!

Here are some pictures that were sent in by Thierry, as well as a review from the man himself!

Day shots:

Night Shots:

-Thierry, 22.12.2019

"Hey Hank, yes, absolutely, it was fantastic! Your flowers were beautiful, thank you so much! A lot of guests wanted to take home everything, haha"

Thank you Thierry & Laura, congratulations and looking forward to seeing you both again!

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