The Romantic Wedding by the Beach - Wai Chee & Dawn

The Romantic Wedding by the Beach
Waichee and Dawn – 6 April 2019
Beach Wedding
The Romantic Wedding by the Beach
Waichee and Dawn – 6 April 2019

Waichee and Dawn envisioned to pledge their love for each other at a beach under the setting sun, with warmth filling the skies and their guests soaking up the atmosphere on this very special day. Their dream of an intimate and elegant seaside wedding came true, when the couple welcomed their guests at Tanjong Beach Club on a lovely Saturday.
As though the sky was giving them its blessings, the air was perfectly cooling at sunset. To match the scenic sea view and carefree vibes synonymous with a seaside vacation, a grand mixture of pure white, vibrant red and natural brown colours were used in the setting.
Now, let’s go into the details of this exciting wedding!
The reception desk was decorated with white drapes which accentuated the neutral tones of the sand on the beach, and the end product was one that is simple, yet pure and elegant.
Beach Wedding Reception Desk
The couple pledged their vows under a lush floral arc, with red eustoma and white roses. The eustoma flowers were selected for its symbolic meaning – appreciation, admiration, sweetness as well as a long and happy lifetime. They represented the feelings and the wishes of the couple. Along with romantic roses paired with an abundance of mini ruscus, the floral arc became the perfect spot for the couple to speak of their love and commitment for each other beneath it.
Aisle flower posies, adds a small yet impactful touch.Beach Wedding Floral Arch
Another aspect that is also important in a wedding is the table decor. To encapsulate the idea of classiness that also blends in with the beach in the evening, wooden candle lanterns were placed on each table, surrounded by eustoma flowers, mini ruscus and gypsophila baby’s breath. You can’t help but wonder how beautiful the wedding would be when the sky turns dark and the candles are lit.
Rustic Table Centrepieces
Wooden Lantern Centrepieces
The table decor is another aspect that is important in encapsulating the essence of the wedding theme. We kept things classy with wooden candle lanterns surrounded by eustoma flowers, mini ruscus and gypsophila baby’s breath, that were placed on each table. Imagine how beautiful the wedding would be once the sky turns dark and the candles are lit.
Single rose with gypsophila in a mason jar. 
Cocktail Table Centrepieces
To further elevate the elegance and simplicity of this beach wedding, white eustoma flowers were placed alongside gypsophilas and mini ruscus on the white standing tables, where guests engaged in meaningful conversations over a glass of wine.

A wedding is by no means a solemn event - what better way then to have photo props, particularly hats and shades, to turn things up at the beach? A booth consisting of cute, quirky and fun props was set up at the wedding. Guests could use the props to create picture-perfect memories amongst themselves and with the newly weds too. This additional little touch signified the couple’s playful and youthful nature as well.

To Wai Chee and Dawn, thank you for trusting Gemflora and congratulations on your wedding!

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