Sittiq & Nuratikah

Side Profile Wedding Dais

Red Velvet @ The Landmark Hotel

When we first met this lovely couple, they knew what they wanted immediately. Something white, simple, and clean with fresh flowers styled all around.

In fact, reality was that what they had in mind was well thought-out and planned. It's so easy to go way over the top, especially since this is the day you've been dreaming and thinking about since childhood.


  • Brings out the colour of your outfit thus making the couple themselves the main focus. 
  • More room for guests and group photos!
  • Prevents any likelihood of a messy dais, which will bring the focus everywhere in a picture.

Danial, our wedding stylist and coordinator, carefully created a rough draft of the set-up.
It's important to understand that everyone has their style and preferences, and Danial did just that. He listened carefully, taking care to understand their needs and wants, giving suggestions that came with experience harvested over the years, and created for them the dream wedding setting that's still within their budget!

Nuratikah has a real passion for flowers, especially for dark red roses. Her love for flowers made her pursue an internship back when she was younger as a florist in a renowned hotel, located in Orchard Road.

This was the result:

Really appreciate the faith and trust in us, and once again, congratulations to Sittiq & Nuratikah!


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