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The following pictures and accompanying descriptions illustrate
4 different wedding decoration themes suitable for the special ocassion.
A Classical Tale
Classical Tales
The VIP Table centrepiece sees three transparent glass stands with a single vein of clear, glass beads dangling down from the side of the floral arrangement. The floral arrangement itself is a union of green and cream coloured blooms. The colour green is like a breath of fresh air, awakening the entire atmosphere and surely uplifting.
Meanwhile, the stage decorations consist of white fairy lights hanging from atop, grazing the stage, and tall, thin, elegant stands at the sides.
Timeless Moments
Hydrangea bushes containing yellow and peach blooms make up the floral arrangements for this ageless wedding theme. The entire set-up is very Victorian inspired, due to the roman pillar stands.
Eternal Bloom
Eternal Bloom
The guest tables are draped with lush dusty-pink fabric and complemented by a salmon-pink tree with cream and pink coloured roses blooming from its branches as a centrepiece. The base of the centrepiece is composed of bright, green leaves.
For the main event, the sides of the stage are flanked by floral stands adorned with fairy lights, leaves, and roses in baby-pink and deep-pink. The floral arrangements on stage match perfectly with the cream-coloured silk curtains.
Clearly, we had a hopeless romantic in mind during the curation of this wedding theme. The colour pink adds a touch of femininity and tenderness whilst conveying passion, a sweeter alternative to the red colour.
A Blue Romance
The flora components of the Guest Table Centrepieces as seen above are a charming mix of cream, blue and lilac coloured roses, paired with delicate baby's breaths. The flowers are encompassed in a clear, glass vase so the stems which are lovingly wrapped with fairy lights can be seen, thus setting the mood. Finally, small, individual blue roses surround the centrepiece. The alternative centrepiece stands are of a chandelier design, with glass beads hanging down delicately.
Blue is the warmest colour, don't you agree? This wedding theme is for anyone that wants something different, stunning in its own right, without being over the top.

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