Pravina's Wedding At The Joyden Hall

A Modern and Charming Wedding @ The Joyden Hall
Our story with Pravina and her husband started a year ago, when she engaged Gemflora to plan her wedding decorations. They were a very friendly and savvy couple and we loved working with them!
Like most couples, they were very stressed and worried as the date of their wedding gets closer. Despite their nervousness, they clearly conveyed their dream wedding décor to us. Now let’s see the outcome:
The couple held their wedding at The Joyden Hall – an absolutely perfect venue for their stylish and modern wedding!
The bride’s bouquet consisted of vibrant red roses, contrasted with white roses, which perfectly combined boldness with purity. Eucalyptus ‘Baby Blue’ and white statices were used as fillers – a nice finishing touch to give the bouquet a more wholesome look.
The bouquet’s colours complemented Pravina’s makeup and wedding gown, helping her exude confidence and radiate beauty. Her entire appearance was impeccable – so elegant and graceful.
In order to deliver the perfect and most suitable bouquet for the couple, we considered what each of the flowers symbolise.
Also known as the bridal rose, the white rose is a traditional wedding flower. It represents innocence, virtue and pureness of new love. Red roses unequivocally express love and also convey deep emotions such as longingness, devotion and admiration. The meanings of these flowers perfectly expressed what the lovely couple feel for each other.
Eucalyptus was used not simply as a bouquet filler, but also for its symbolism and aesthetic appeal. At a spiritual level, it has a purifying effect. From an aesthetic perspective, it adds texture and flawlessly brought the bouquet together~
This pair of heels express poise and sophistication. Its stunning and intricate design, finished with rose gold straps and laser cut Angel Wing detail, definitely turned heads at the wedding – it’s just so pretty! 
The suave groomsmen and beautiful bridesmaids that were a tremendous help at the wedding!  
Thank you Pravina, for entrusting Gemflora with your wedding décor. It has been a pleasure to work with you and help you achieve your dream wedding!

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