Furama Riverfront - The Journey Down The Aisle

Display we did for Wedding Banquet at Furama RiverFront Singapore wedding show 😛😛

Furama Riverfront invited their Catering Sales Team, 19 Exhibitors (inclusive us) to showcase our works, making it one of the grandest in-house wedding shows we've ever participated in.

Furama Riverfront even went to great lengths and brought in ground to ceiling tall trees laden with fairy lights to accentuate the place!

The whole place went through an amazing transformation, and we are proud to be part of it.

Here are some of the exhibitors works along with Furama Riverfront's Contributions!
Petite Fleurs Booth:
Fairy Light Booth
This booth look like stars, with dazzling light elements reflecting upon the background. 
The Esteemed Jentayu Gallery:
Wedding Dais JTY
Their regal display showcases simplicity and elegance in a perfect fusion. Their Director always creates magic with his creativity.
Furama Riverfront:
Ground to ceiling trees display
Grandiose Tree Displays brought in by Furama Riverfront Singapore.
Alton Flowers:
Ring Arch Theme
Our Circular Arch of Love! Look at how it frames up the waterfall perfectly. Always love it when a theme comes together.
Our Orchid Floral Arrangements Showcase!
These are known as High - Low Arrangements and creates a western dining atmosphere. Naturally, due to the colour and choice of flowers, this is not an ideal choice for traditional couples! However, nowadays couples are more open minded towards these concepts.
Orchid Arrangements Furama Riverfront Singapore
Our Tiffany Chairs!
Tiffany Chairs Gem
We brought in 300 Gold Tiffany Chairs along with 18 White Tiffany Chairs for this event alone! Tiffany Chairs can also be referred to as " Chiavari Chairs", and is very popular for weddings. It's design originated from Italy and has quite an interesting history.



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