Flawless Collaboration - Wedding Arch

A Flawless Collaboration
Gemflora is deeply honoured to have collaborated with Wanderlust Dream and Blush House Bridal in a bridal photoshoot. We had so much fun working with them that day!
What a mesmerising look! These flowers and leaves were carefully selected, along with the huge golden circular arch, to showcase a rustic aesthetic
Light colours such as dusty green and pink as well as cream were the base colours of the arrangement. Red and plum coloured flowers were added for contrast. The leaves were deliberately left hanging to express the romantic and rustic theme.
Oh my, we’re blushing over how gorgeous and dreamy this photo turned out to be!
We love how the floral backdrop perfectly complemented the bridal gown and the model’s hair and makeup. It is always fulfilling to see a theme flawlessly put together, and that we are a part of the process!
A really sweet and beautiful couple :)
Here’s the list of participating vendors of the shoot:
Photography: @wanderlustdreamco
Hair and Make Up Artist: @ling.artistique
Gowns: @blushhousebridal
Models: @heyhihazelle

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